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Thank you for coming up to the Open Day Party

Thank you everyone for coming to the opening of IFTI Community Hub. It fills our  hearth with joy and gratitude to see everyone having a good time. We created this space for the community so we can all learn, play, connect and enjoy together!
We feel so happy that the event was a huge success. We had over 200+ people during the day. Bella Corniola did an amazing job organizing and also everyone involved that gave us support. Thanks all the bands,  DJs and artist that performed at the event.
This day party was just a pilot of a monthly creative market coming to us all. In the next weeks We'll create a committee to see who's keen to co-create and organize this with us. Exciting times ahead.
If you want to run an event, workshop or you're looking for a creative co-working space then get in touch


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